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THE JOURNEY AWAITS YOU… I’M AndreA DELEON specializing in a whoLISTIC plant BASED lifestyle.



Growing up I believe I was taught how to eat healthy, dinner always consisted of a protein (meat), a salad and a carb we followed the American diet but rarely ate fast food and I was very active in sports and outdoor activities. As a teenager I was bloated a lot and my skin was problematic this was the case throughout my teenage and young adult years. It wasn’t until my father’s battle with cancer was lost that I started to put the two together. My father had liver cancer he was fortunate enough to get a transplant in China but unfortunately the cancer was later found in his lungs the doctors suggested treatment and it seemed like the only solution was chemotherapy, but the cancer was spreading and the doctors told us it was in his brain. The reality for me was not seen but others knew that he wouldn’t make it I believed he could overcome it but when he didn’t, I had a lot of questions as to why. 


Within a year at age 25 I stopped drinking milk and cut back drastically on dairy I only bought organic meat and produce it wasn’t long for me to see a significant difference in my overall body and skin. I was amazed and devastated cause I wasn’t aware of the impact that diet was playing to my health or the health of my father. I tried every diet for at least 2 months and during this time I was teaching fitness classes fulltime, so I was able to see the results as well as feel them fairly quickly.

I then began to study these diets and eventually constructed my own diet based on what worked for me from all the diets and research. The term plant based didn’t exist back then but maybe I just hadn’t come across it, but it was the diet of my choice. 


I really believe that people are oblivious to the correlation between health and nutrition. I think I was a fanatic about my diet when I was trying to understand the correlation which made people close to me very skeptical to my practices. One month this was my model and then two months later I had another model that I was passionate about, making it very hard for people and family to support my beliefs. Understanding how others could view my personal research as obsessive I decided to take some courses and learn about the science. I found that universities didn’t offer courses that weren’t conducive, so I looked into alternative schools. I found this course. I will advocate a whole foods plant based lifestyle this knowledge will be pu to good use.